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Hotel Luna Mystica
Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 at 5:54 pm

Sometimes a place so magical exists that you dream about it before, during, and after your time there, so majestic that you may find yourself questioning how such a place is even real. If you’re having a hard time relating to these feelings then it is clear that you have never stayed a night at Hotel Luna Mystica, and we recommend that you change that as soon as humanly possible!  A short drive from the heart of Taos, down an unsuspecting dirt road leading to a wide open mesa, you will find a group of beautifully restored vintage trailers, these shiny homes make up the accommodations offered by Hotel Luna Mystica. All of the trailers are entirely unique from one another, their authentic interiors will send you traveling back to a time so cozy and cute, you may never want to leave. Each of the 10 trailers comes equipped with it’s own comfy bed(s), bathroom, kitchen, and a deck area perfect for stargazing. Hotel Luna Mystica is the ideal home for a weekend adventure, with a number of great hikes in a close vicinity as well as some of the country’s best skiing in the Taos Ski Valley, it even has the perfect sunset spot with the Taos Gorge Bridge just down the road! Staying at Hotel Luna Mystica is a truly special experience and will feel like a home away from home for an adventurous Lobo.