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Move-In Day
Thursday, August 18th, 2022 at 8:00 am

Each fall, one by one, Lobos return after a long summer break and the campus slowly gains back its lively and cheerful spirit. New students will move to The University of New Mexico for the very first time, filling the campus with a flutter of newfound excitement and joy and their family and friends wishing them well for the new semester ahead.

Here are some move-in day tips! Family and friends are welcome to come with you on move-in day. Wheeled carts are also available with a student ID to help move supplies. You will start your move-in day in R Lot, located in the southeast corner of campus right by the UNM monogram display. After checking in, enter the ped way near the Casas Del Rio office. Park anywhere along the right-hand side. You will be given about thirty minutes to unload your things into your new dorm. Don’t forget to ask for help. The RAs are more than happy to offer assistance.

This is an exciting time to meet new people! You never know if they will be your new best friend or club cofounder. All Lobos, pack well, move in safely, and prepare yourselves for the fun and exciting semester that awaits you!

Stay up to date here: housing.unm.edu/living-on-campus/moving-in-moving-out/index.html