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Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 at 6:08 pm

Reminiscent of a life-size Where’s Waldo page, Tinkertown’s enormous and eccentric collection of hand carved faces and figures gaze out in sheer wonderment at curious museum-goers. Explore the surprises within the winding twentytwo museum rooms constructed of more than 50,000 glass bottles, while Otto the one-man-band, a captivating and rare machine that reads a music roll and plays the accordion and drum, permeates the space with music. Watch as the intricate dioramas depicting thrilling circus acts, backwoods folk bands, and classic western saloons come to life from the imagination of Ross Ward, Tinkertown’s original architect and artist. A perfect stop on the way to or from the Sandia Crest, Tinkertown also offers a glimpse into the past. Quirky antiques from all over the world, western relics, and an exhibit that tells the story of a 35foot sailboat’s ten year voyage fill the grounds, along with a few friendly horses. This living museum, home to Ross Ward’s thirty years of passionate tinkering, is a wonderland waiting to be explored.