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Fiestas 2018
Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 10:59 pm

Every year, ASUNM Student Special Events hosts Fiestas – one of the largest music festivals in New Mexico and one of the most popular events at UNM. 10 acts took to two stages on Johnson Field as thousands of Lobos came to dance and sing along.

Local bands helped kick things off this year including UNM students Stone Alibi. As the afternoon went on, The Millenial Club rocked the second stage before 2 Man Embassy, a duo of DJ’s (both of whom are UNM students), got the crowd dancing with some incredible original songs and remixes. HDBeenDope earned the status his name would suggest with bars and beats that had the whole crowd vibing — not to mention some genuine wisdom in between each of his songs.

With a line of people stretching from the entrance gate to Central, iconic pop star Quinn XCII performed a flawless set. Rockin’ an “I <3 NM” shirt, Quinn XCII had every Lobo in the audience singing along with him. The final act of the night was Hippie Sabatoge, another duo of DJ’s that turned Fiestas 2018 all the way up. By far the rowdiest set of the festival, the DJ’s took turns crowd-surfing the largest turn out Fiestas has seen in years.

Come the last song of the night, congratulations and thanks were being given to all the students who volunteered to make the event happen while veteran Lobos debated whether or not this had been the best Fiestas yet as they made for the exit. Whatever the verdict, this year’s Fiestas was simply incredible.