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Riverbend Hot Springs
Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 9:00 pm

Take a deep breathe in. Close your eyes and find yourself unwinding in a moment of bliss at New Mexico’s only hot springs spa on the banks of the Rio Grande. Now breathe out. Imagine yourself relaxing and rejuvenating; there’s nothing mineral rich waters and a long soak can’t fix. Located in the historic downtown area of Truth or Consequences, just a few hours south of campus, Riverbend Hot Springs is the land of bubbly water. A grounds pass gives you access to countless hot springs along the river, a sauna, hammocks, a shaded lounging area, and more. You can even book a hot spring in a private room for a more personal experience. All the pools are designated quiet areas, so you’ll find peace wherever you are. Stay for an hour or stay for the night in one of their rooms, but most importantly love yourself, because all Lobos matter.