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Friday, April 7th, 2023 at 8:35 am

Picture this, you sit down with an ice cream cone stacked with two scoops of pistachio ice cream and watch the setting sun. Suddenly the sunset is blocked by a shadowy figure. You look up and see an enormous pistachio looming above. PistachioLand claims to have the world’s largest pistachio, coming in at 30 feet tall. The pistachio was made as a tribute of Tom McGinn’s legacy. Tom McGinn is Tim McGinn’s father, the current owner of PistachioLand. Looking for something to eat? Check out their grape vines and pistachio orchards. They have wine tastings, a range of unique seasoned pistachio options, and best of all, pistachio ice cream. It is hard to go wrong when there’s so much food to go nuts over.  It is the perfect stop on your adventure to White Sands National Park or Oliver Lee Memorial State Park.