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Spring Break Day Trip – Eagle Nest Lake State Park
Friday, March 12th, 2021 at 10:18 pm

The uniqueness and beauty of Eagle Nest Lake State Park is in its location! The park is in a glacier carved valley along the Enchanted Circle and the lake was created when a private dam was built in 1918. As a result, the lake’s main attraction is fishing and has a large and healthy trout and perch population. The lake is also home to large Northern Pike. If you are lucky, you can catch some pike that grow more than 40″ in length!

In the winter season, anglers get the opportunity to ice fish when safe ice conditions exist. Wildlife viewing is also spectacular in the park, you will be able to spot large herds of elk, deer, and other mammals. On rare occasions black bears and the cougars have been spotted as well. The lake also sustains a healthy population of waterfowl. During the summer months you will be able to spot the beautiful American White Pelican, and during the months of December and January, the population of Golden and Bald Eagles increase. It is amazing to view them during the cold winter months throughout the park.

At nighttime star gazing is spectacular as well! The large valley and low population allows you to gaze at the beautiful stars above. While gazing at the amazing stars, the Milky Way Galaxy is easily seen. With the aid of a telescope, you can even spot a few plants and their moons. This cool summer getaway is relaxing, and views are breathtaking all year!