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Heron Lake State Park
Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 at 7:23 pm

A popular destination in northern New Mexico for Lobos, Heron Lake State Park offers picturesque scenery and a variety of activities. From boating to cross-country skiing, you can get it all at Heron Lake State Park. The beautiful 6,000-acre, pine-filled park is also known for being a “quiet lake”, where boats can only operate at no-wake speeds. This offers a peaceful and relaxing experience, which also makes it a perfect place for paddle crafting. 

The hiking trail in Heron Lake State Park gives elusive wildlife viewing opportunities. You can occasionally spot wildlife can be including mountain lions, black bears, elk, marmots, and ospreys. The fishing trail is also a wonder for all fishers with record-size trout and kokanee salmon. In winter, the lake is perfect for ice fishing and cross-country skiing. Various campgrounds are available along the shore of the lake where you can revel in the gorgeous views and enjoy nature! 

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