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Cinnamon Sugar and Spice Cafe
Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 6:16 pm

If you have a tough day coming up tomorrow and you’re in the market for something nice to look forward to, we highly recommend the Cinnamon Sugar & Spice Cafe! Located off Juan Tabo Boulevard a little ways from campus with a new location opening soon in Nob Hill, the cafe provides the ultimate space to eat amazing food, hang out with friends, and get some studying done. Simply put, all of their food is good, really really good, serving one of the tastiest cups of coffee in Albuquerque as well as the actual, voted upon, ‘Tastiest Cinnamon Roll in the City’ which we can wholeheartedly attest to. The Cinnamon Sugar & Spice Cafe also has plenty of savory options with a complete breakfast and lunch menu, each dish more delicious than the last. Everyone should start their day off on the right foot and it’s never been easier than it is at the Cinnamon Sugar & Spice Cafe