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San Antonio Hot Springs
Sunday, February 18th, 2018 at 12:32 am

The Jemez Mountains are home to plenty of volcanic activity, visible today at locations such as Soda Dam, the Valles Caldera, and the many hot springs scattered throughout the wilderness. Of those several springs, the San Antonio Hot Springs are the very best.  Set high against the side of a valley, a constant flow of steaming hot spring water fuels several natural pools with soft sand floors and rock perimeters. Each pool trickles into the next, with the top pool being the largest and warmest. From each pool the view out across the river and valley is worth the trip up alone. On a clear day the heavy steam from the springs catches the light and turns the entire scene into something from a fairytale.
A highly popular destination for obvious reasons, the trailhead for the springs are 5 miles down a bumpy dirt road from a NM highway 126 which is only open for the summer season and suggested for 4×4 vehicles only. That means for the winter months and those without four wheel drive is that visiting the springs demands a ten mile round trip hike. The walk itself is flat most of the way though and well worth it for an hour or two in the springs. Due to the destinations popularity, snowshoe hikes in winter are one way of assuring you’ll have them to yourself, or  simply getting on the trail as early as possible can guarantee at least an hour of solitude.
After a long week of school, a hike and an hour in some steaming hot springs with such beautiful scenery is the perfect way for any Lobo to let off some stress.