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Eagle Nest Lake State Park
Friday, August 9th, 2019 at 4:34 pm

At Eagle Nest Lake State Park, the soft rustling of a summer breeze wandering through the abundant rolling wildflower fields is so distinctly striking that no student could ever forget the expansive views and memories made. Surrounded by the high mountains of the Moreno Valley (elevation of 8,300 ft.), just a few minutes outside the charming town of Eagle Nest and a 15 minute drive from Angel Fire, NM, the warm summer days and cool autumn nights are easily filled with meaningful conversations from friends old and new, relaxing, camping, and fishing for the hearty and regularly stocked trout and salmon. Just remember to pack your fishing license and seasonal flies or bait for an optimum experience. You can also enjoy an array of day hikes in the surrounding area or even try summiting Wheeler Peak, the highest in New Mexico. A view of Wheeler can even be seen from your campsite! Undoubtedly, Eagle Nest State Park enchants year-round to all who visit, including those bold enough to try winter ice-fishing. Additionally, on the first day of the year, some visitors will try the Eagle Nest Polar Bear Plunge – jumping into the frigid lake followed, by a celebration of hot chocolate! All in all, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a fishing line floating out on the glistening lake, taking a midday nap, listening to a fire fizzling out accompanied by a tent zipper closing after a long day, and enjoying the wholesome majesty of a New Mexico State Park.