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Sustainability Expo
Saturday, April 29th, 2023 at 3:25 pm

Imagine an event that celebrates community sustainability! Well, that’s exactly what the UNM Sustainability Expo aims to achieve! Organized and managed entirely by students in the Sustainability Studies Program, the annual event is held at the Cornell Mall.

At this event, you can learn about healthy and sustainable food and meet local farmers, producers, and sustainability organizations. This welcoming and diverse gathering of people will provide you with a hands-on opportunity to strengthen collaborative community partnerships. This event not only teaches eventgoers about sustainability but also helps create it! There are vendors and farmers selling fresh produce, herbs and plants. Local artists and musicians jam out as you walk to each booth. You can even check out some of the how-to booths to start your own green lifestyle, and we’re not just talking about chile dishes!

This supports The University of New Mexico’s 2040 goal of sustainability. Learn more about 2040 here and the Sustainability Expo here.