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Tia B’s La Waffleria
Friday, March 24th, 2023 at 9:57 pm

Craving a treat or change of environment? Tia B’s La Waffleria is the perfect place for you! Only a short and simple 15-minute walk from campus, this small, friendly business serves up delicious waffles and coffee. From sweet to savory, Lobos can find any sort of waffle that their stomach desires. There is a wide selection of dining tables to choose from inside the building. If you would prefer to feel the warm New Mexico sunshine on your skin, you can sit in front of the store, or sit out back in their very own greenhouse filled with bamboo and other leafy greenery. If you are lucky, you will spot plump little birds taking a dip in the nearby bird bath. For Lobos who want to make these delicious waffles at home, Tia B’s La Waffleria sells their original waffle mix. Tia B’s La Waffleria remains one of the best places near campus to chow down.