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Los Lunas Decalogue Mystery Stone
Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 12:00 pm

The Los Lunas Decalogue Mystery Stone is located 16.8 miles outside of Los Lunas – about 41 miles from The University of New Mexico – and is tucked in what are known as the Hidden Hills. On a large rockface is an inscription etched in a mix of ancient Hebrew and Greek. To archaeologists the stone appears to be the Ten Commandments, however no other similar inscriptions have been found in surrounding areas or at all. The stone was first discovered in 1933, but tales of its existence were around before then.

With so much controversy surrounding the stone’s authenticity, naturally it would become a destination for a UNM’s Honors College fieldtrip. As part of the Individual & the Collective 200 level series, students took a trip to the mysterious site to investigate for themselves. The hike to the stone is about 1 mile, although the trail goes on further leaving exploration and adventure open-ended. The beauty is in the surrounding area—you can explore and hike around to find relics left by other visitors and see the expansive landscape that is the outskirts of Los Lunas. To find out more about the Honors College and the programs it offers, visit their website.