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Chello Grill
Monday, July 15th, 2019 at 5:39 pm

Soon you’ll be saying “hello to Chello”, not only because it’s catchy, butbecausewho wouldn’t say “hello”to fresh, flavorful, and affordable mediterranean cuisine. From the moment you enter, the friendly staff will be welcoming you in. Before you know it,you’ll be boldly walking up to the counter, flavors in mind, and ready to order.Soon after, you’llfind yourself sitting down and taking a moment to enjoy the ambiance. Near the enormous windows,New Mexico sunshine spills onto your table,filling the restaurant with natural lightthatcreatesa bright and vibrant environment. Chello means rice in Farsi, and they deliveron their namesake promise byproviding plenty of the Mediterranean staplewith every meal. Their menu is beyond expansive includingtheirdelicious,authentic Persian stews and sides, fresh baked naan, flame-grilled kabobs, and open face gyro sandwiches.Somehow have room for dessert? Try their baklava, nut rolls, or baklava cheesecake for a trulyGreekexperience—not to mentionquick and affordable. With countless vegetarian and gluten-free items, there’s something for everyone to eat. Oh, and did we mention the free WiFi? Chello Grill is the perfect place for every student and undoubtedly will have you comingback time and time again.