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Rude Boy Cookies
Friday, November 18th, 2022 at 5:32 pm

While strolling down the street on your way to campus one day, you pick up on a familiar aroma that takes you back to your grandmother’s warm kitchen on a rainy day. The smell is radiating from somewhere close by. Eager to find the source of this beautiful scent, you follow your nose right to the 1950s diner-themed lobby of Rude Boy Cookies. Located in the heart of the Brick Light District, a short five minute walk from campus, Rude Boy Cookies offers a wide variety of unique and delicious cookies spanning from the classic chocolate chip to the decadent red velvet. Adding to their delicious arsenal of treats, Rude Boy also offers a selection of ice cream that perfectly compliments their fresh and warm cookies. The only thing sweeter than their cookies and ice cream is how inexpensive they are, perfect for a student in need! So, whether you’re treating yourself to something scrumptious or you’re doing something nice for a friend, never underestimate the power of one cookie.