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The Lobo Life is where the classroom ends and the land of enchantment begins.

The Lobo Life is every experience a Lobo can have beyond being a student, that makes being a student at the University of New Mexico so special. This is for the wild animal in every Lobo. This is for those who want to make the most of their four years here. The Lobo Life was founded to create a place to showcase all of the experiences that bring us together while pushing us out of our comfort zones. It’s a community for those who love the outdoors, who live for culture, those who seek out the best new food around town, and those who live for the dance floor, and every Lobo

The Lobo Life exists as a community for UNM students to share their adventures with others, to find friends with which to share in adventures and to discover all this state has to offer.  Become a part by following us on Instagram @TheLoboLife, sharing your adventures with #thelobolife for a chance to be featured, or if you’d like to become an explorer, attend one of our weekly meetings or a Lobo Life adventure (email us lobolife@unm.edu or connect with us on Instagram for those details).

History & Student Organization:

The Lobo Life started as a marketing initiative through the University’s Communications & Marketing department, with the mission to showcase all of the incredible experiences to be had while a student at the University of New Mexico. With continued attention from communities across the state, interest, and engagement from current and prospective students around the country, state tourism officials, and media coverage, what began as a way of showing off New Mexico and the University as an adventure destination has grown substantially in its first year.

Now, The Lobo Life is UNM’s Adventure Community, run for students, by students. Chartered as a student organization in the summer of 2017, The Lobo Life is becoming something that students can grow increasingly involved in. For more info on getting involved with The Lobo Life, feel free to email us lobolife@unm.edu, connect with us on Instagram or join the student organization’s Facebook Group to join the community!

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